551VX Snowplow - Two Plows in One!

For years, many road commissions have desired both one way and V plows for each of their trucks. Shrinking budgets have often made this difficult. With Root’s unique VX plow you can virtually have two plows for the price of one.

The Root VX plow, with its dual functions of normal high speed snow removal and the ability to open roads which have drifted closed, eliminates the need for a two truck operation.

When money is tight, versatility is a must. The Root VX snowplow delivers the versatility you need.

Height at nose:43" (1.09m)
Height at wing:62" (1.57m) right side
55" (1.39m) left side
Overall spread:150" (3.81m)
Moldboard thickness:7 ga. (.455cm)
Width of cut:9 ft (2.74m) total (hitch is located at approx. center of cut)
6 ft (1.82m) right side
3 ft (91cm) left side
Shoes Cast Chilled:3 - 5 1/2" (13cm) x 16" (40cm)
Hitch:29" (73cm) or 34" (86cm) Quick Hitch
Plow weight:1950 lbs. (885kg)
*Measurements are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice. (Metric equivalents in parentheses)

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