pad F-44 Extensions for Airports

Optional 2' Extensions for F-44 Scrapers

The Root Model F-44 Underbody Scraper has available bolt-on 2' extensions for both ends of an underbody. These extensions can increase the scraper's overall length to 16', a 33% increase in scraping area. The extensions are mounted with two heavy-duty 2.5" solid steel rods on each side which slide into brackets bolted onto the underbody. The rods are held by four 5/8" GR8 bolts per end, and the brackets are held to the underbody moldboard by an additional four 5/8" GR8 bolts. Because both units bolt onto the scraper, the extensions may be removed in a matter of minutes if desired.

With the 2' extensions added to the Root F-44, the user can virtually eliminate costly and time-consuming sweeping operations.

(Not for use in traffic conditions)

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