Root F-44 Heavy Duty Scraper for Year Round Maintenance

The Model F-44 has been tested and proven under the severest conditions by people experienced in the truck scraper field. It has been designed with three aims in mind: first, to provide a strong, rugged piece of equipment that can stand up for many years under the most strenuous treatment; second, to provide a scraper that can be adapted to different makes and types of trucks; and, most importantly, to design a scraper that can be easily serviced and maintained in the field. The F-44 has more than fulfilled these requirements.

Why ROOT is your best bet ...
  • General all-purpose gravel road maintainer.
  • Excellent for shoulder work.
  • Ideal for removing packed snow and ice.
  • Highly maneuverable in heavy traffic and in urban areas.
  • Fast - Can cover your network of roads in a minimum amount of time.
  • Economical - Low initial cost and one-man operation.
  • Can be mounted on most trucks over 2 tons, and with extra width cabs. No cylinders extending above the scraper body.
  • Long Life - Can be easily transferred from one truck to another.
  • Simplicity of design means low overhead.
  • Available in power reverse.
  • Available with 1” moldboard.
  • Polyethylene clamp shims available as an option.
The F-44's rugged construction makes it a brute for punishment and heavy going.

View of the famous Root cushion spring moldboard principle and heavy-duty hinges. Notice the heavy 3/4" moldboard available with replaceable end bits; also, absence of vertical cylinders.

SPECIFICATIONS* (Metric equivalents in parentheses)
Hangerboard: 1" x 10" (2cm x 25cm) heavy-duty Cor-Ten steel weldment
Hinge Shaft:1.5" (3.81cm) high carbon steel
Hinge Line:98 linear inches (2.48m)
Moldboard:10' (3.04m), 11' (3.35m) or 12' (3.65m) lengths 15.5” x .75” (39cm x 1.9cm) heat-treated high carbon steel offset for USS punched blade and available with replaceable end bits
Circles:.75" (1.9cm) solid or two piece. Optional 1” (2cm) available
Shock Absorbers:Cushioned by four enclosed heavy-duty springs
Cylinders:4” (10cm) double acting with nitrated piston rods
Scraping Angle:45 degrees adjustable as desired
Power Reverse (options):Cab-operated power reverse, pin lock, spring lock, hydraulic lock or dual cylinder with nitrated piston rods
* Measurements are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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